Android bbc news app drains battery

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Hello, Long time lurker here and I love all the work you dev been doing here. It also causes the phone back to become heated, but not overheated but I could feel the difference.

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I also rebooted my phone 4 times to wipe the temp. But in this case, it didn't help at all.

BBC News App Drains Battery

I had this app installed for 3 days and experienced the same battery drain for all 3 days consistently. After uninstallation. There was no more severe battery drain.

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I uninstalled it and immediately I got my 12 hrs battery life back when it was 5 with BBC news app installed. Just wondering if you guys by chance have it installed and are having the same problem.

1. Snapchat

I thought it would be a nice app to use, but Pulse pretty much covers everything the BBC app does and isn' a battery drain. I just found it odd that BBC News would release a app that severly drains the bettery. Senior Member. Join Date: Apr A few nights ago I was messing around with apps before going to bed and downloaded 4 news apps, including BBC. Battery stats showed my phone awake all night.

I uninstalled all 4 apps and haven't had the problem since then and went back to just using my browser for all my news sites. I've found in the past that some apps are just brutal. It sux cause BBC is a nice app.

53 Android apps and games you shouldn’t download

Unsurprisingly, most of the apps that use the most battery are the apps that you use on a daily basis or even open multiple times a day. Snapchat is one of the worst battery-draining apps because it is constantly running in the background, using your camera, and sending you notifications.

Another popular battery-wasting app is Netflix.

If you want to try to cut back on how much of your battery Netflix uses, try turning down the brightness; doing so will help to conserve a lot of battery life. Another problem with these apps is that they send push notifications, which also contribute to draining your battery.

Tool tackles power-hungry Android apps

Your IP address and location are vulnerable to tracking. Conceal your identity now. Install dfndr vpn. Everyone watches their battery slowly drain throughout the day, but which popular apps are the most to blame for the battery draining so quickly?